South Africa……unveiled…



South Africa. An impressive Country, with wide oceans that greet soft sand, and in some parts, the oceans meet Majestic mountains. Dotted in-between the oceans and mountains, lie secrets that few people, who do not live in this beautiful Country, are aware of.  Secrets of murder, maim, torture, rape and extermination of innocent people. People of all ages. From new born babies to the sick and Elderly. The hatred that exists in South Africa,  knows no bounds, and has no heart. Does not care for reason. Has no reason. Just….HATE.

I’m not an activist in any way. I fully understand, that it’s not just people in South Africa who suffer the most horrific cruelty, torture and death every day, but in other Countries too. However,  I wasn’t a Child in those Countries,  like the one’s who are being raped, tortured, bombed and murdered today. I was a Child in a Country I loved. A Country where I was safe and roamed free.  I’m no longer a child, and all fairytales come to an end….

I wanted to write you about my ‘once’ Beautiful Country.

I wanted to share my happy childhood stories, of running across the Savannas with my African friends with you….but I can’t.

I wanted to tell you about my South African friends, as well as my African friends who came to South Africa from THEIR Countries in Northern Africa, where murder and torture, death and starvation forced them to leave and whom I love…many who have since been murdered and tortured for a mere cell phone...So I can’t…

I so badly wanted to excite you to ‘GO’ and visit this incredible land of beauty…but I won’t..I cannot, with a clear conscience give you an ‘all clear’ to visit my Country, without you being fully informed…. I’d be deceiving you.

I wish I could be honest with you, about the reality and the TRUTH of the history and now, the present, of my Beloved lost Country….but I can’t, as I’ll just be labelled a ‘racist’. Only due to the fact that I’m  ‘Caucasian’… So I won’t…

I wanted to thrill you with ancient stories that come from the African Continent. Intriguing, brilliant and real. Lost now...So I can’t…

A Country once filled with song, dance, culture, pride,  history, stories that capture the imagination, transporting the listener to another World….gone now...So I won’t…

There is so much I want to share with you, as I sit on the other side of the World, far away from my Beloved Country, when I made the only choice I could, having 3 young Children, which was to leave for their safety.

To say goodbye to the Land I Love, knowing that never again, will I get to call South Africa ‘my home’…

There is nothing I can tell you, I’ve lost my voice….

They say a picture tells a thousand stories…….


This is the reality that millions of South Africans and Visitors to that Country face today…(including severe animal cruelty)..

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23 thoughts on “South Africa……unveiled…

  1. I had to scroll pretty quickly. I’m at this place in my life where I keep asking God about my purpose as far as a career goes… And everytime I question, something that involves legal activism is brought to my attention. Today, as I was on my way home, I was asking god how am I, and who is going to clean up the mess in my life to have room enough to help others. Immediately, a white bird came out of nowhere almost touching the car I was driving. Then, there was a still voice saying, I AM. Totally off topic but it just came out, I hope you don’t mind.

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    1. OMG! That is brilliant! I’ll tell you, truth is, I AM, means ‘the Godly principle’, which is within you! I think you are waking UP to who you really are! This is amazing!! I’m thrilled! I’m not a nutcase, I know exactly what I’m saying. I don’t think you can be an activist in South Africa. Many have tried, and failed dismally. Don’t go there! Trust me. I WAS an activist in that Country, and started petitions for peace, where I received over 400.000 signatures which I kept sending to the THEN SA President, Thabo Mbeki. I met Nelson Mandela, who desperately wanted peace. I wrote for newspapers depicting ways to stop the HIGH crime rate… nauseum…Nothing worked. At the end of the day, it’s about GREED and BULLSHIT. Sorry, but the truth sets you free!…Africa is lost…to the death, to fear, to poverty, to crime, to torture and everything inbetween. It’s not our mission to fix the world. We cannot. Rather, BE the change YOU want. (Ghandi) x All the best to you! x

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  2. Thanks so much for understanding. I have to disagree with you about Africa being totally lost though. If we give up on Africa we give up on ourselves. We are all connected!! I am beginning to change some areas in my life for the better. Thank you for your well wishes, I wish you the same.

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    1. Of course I understand! I’m very grateful that you took the time to share. But, it is my firm belief, that we are NOT here to save the World. We cannot. Thousands have tried before, only to be taken out. The change truly begins with US. If I AM the change, I then, simply by being WHO I am, send that light out into the World. YOU then get infected with the light, then YOU send your light out into the World, and so it keeps going…

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      1. I understand, not saving but rather uplifting the world to function in higher vibrations. Not saving, uplifting!!


    1. oh my friend…if only I’d written the reality of what goes down there, every single day. The horror is vomit inducing. I didn’t though, because it’s too horrible, too sick, too cruel, and like all war, it is completely sick. On top of that, there is NO Justice system in South Africa. So if you have a little baby, and a bunch of Africans (like the one in the pic) torture, rape and then burn her/him to death, they’ll get off, scott free! WHY?? oh, because it had to be ‘the white man’s fault’ innit? Vomit inducing…

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        1. Most have left the Country. Either to the U.K. to the U.S.A. or any of the other Countries in Europe. Actually thousands have emigrated to Australia and New Zealand.


            1. Well, I’m living in England and have done for the past 10 or so years. I hear Australia is GREAT!! I’d love to go there, but to get into that Country is nigh impossible. Not like the USA and UK Borders, who allow anyone in (not so much anymore), Auzzi is very strict. I enjoy living in England, due to the ease of how everything works and the lack of crime. Of course, people do get shot and murdered etc from time to time everywhere, but it’s only a ‘now and then’ situation. Whereas, in South Africa, it’s a few thousand every single day, and what really gets to me is the raping and battering of babies and this little girl (in the pic)…she barely made it alive….


                1. Yes, it IS insane. It’s tantamount to Evil and I don’t say that lightly. The World does not care about what happens to the people in South Africa on a daily basis. As long as the Politicians of the Country are greasing the palms of the ‘Others’, they turn a blind eye. In reality, if say, America, (as it does everywhere no disrespect to your country), interferes, and goes into South Africa, to put an end to the heinous Crime, WHAT is in it for them? Nothing! They only attack Countries who have oil, or drugs that they need. They leave the one’s who have nothing to offer alone. If the SA Govt. gives the American Govt (for e.g.) gazillions in diamonds and gold, then why would they bother about the people? It’s simple. Like all War, Govt. does NOT care about who it affects. All Govt.s only go to war for GREED. SA I imagine, willingly hands the diamonds and gold to the USA and probably UK too. Sad, but real.

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                  1. So I guess the older threads aren’t cut off … I wanted to ask, do you really think the situation is entirely hopeless? The war I brought up was the inevitable as the groups kill one another and others; I could never see the U.S. getting their hands dirty there or in Central America


                    1. Yes, the situation most definitely is hopeless. If one looks at the African Continent as a whole, and follow how each and every Country on the Continent has totally stuffed their people’s lives as well as their Country’s up, it’s like a pattern. A look into the future of chaotic hell. SA has 11 different Cultures. Ranging from the ‘Black’ people to the ‘White’ people. (horrible how we have to still define in colour), and they ALL have different opinions and thoughts on each other. The Zulus for e.g. are a warring tribe by nature (see the movie Shaka Zulu, it’s amazing but sad), that shows how they are in reality. Then you have the Xhosa’s who don’t like the Zulu’s, then the Pedi’s who hate the Xhosa’s and so on…When in the past, South Africa was under the apartheid system, (which was introduced by the British), and it was introduced so that each culture could have their own seperate space to live due to the fighting. Africans are a fighting species…..So the ‘white’ people, didn’t live amoung the ‘black’ people, or the mixed race people etc…This was not to destroy the ‘black’ or others, it was originally formed to ensure that everyone had their own territory. However, as in the USA, people needed work, so the ‘black’ and mixed race etc people, came to the ‘white’ people’s place and asked for work. it is simply fact, that the ‘white’ man (and I’m not a racist in any form), has built the entire world to where it is now. (with the help of those that needed work of course). So, after the entire infrastructure was in place in SA, most folk of all colours had work, but were not allowed to mix (or vote which was not cool), but everyone was ok. Also, the crime rate was so minimal as the then ‘white’ govt. never tolerated it. No one murdered or raped babies (that was unheard of!), and things like the hospitals, schools etc were WELL run, with highly educated people (of all colours). Then, the World declared sanctions on South Africa due to apartheid, who then abandoned apartheid, and since (sorry to say) the black man has been in power, the place is fucked! And it’s getting worse. The current president is a rapist of minor girls (many offences), uses taxpayers money to build himself more palaces, the roads are screwed, they have water shortages all the time, The electricity is cut every day, because the ridiculous President, who’s a crook, has sold most of SA’s grid to Northern Africa! I mean it’s hopeless. The current President, is not only a rapist of underage girls, but he told the entire nation that ‘you just have to shower after sex with someone who has HIV and then you won’t get it!’ The masses, who don’t go to school (couldn’t be bothered) obviously believe him!! Hence an epidemic rages there of AIDS and HIV. The whole situation is so deeply sad. And the biggest problem, as to why this disaster is getting worse, is that Black Africans HATE Whites, even though the Black man has had full control of the country since 1994 Work it out!?? It’s all bullshit! but TRUE! and much more…

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