Beware of HELP

When was the last time you asked anyone for anything small or trivial?  The time, directions, just a second of time?  My experience is you’re better off figuring things out yourself as maybe one out of seven might actually stop long enough to give you the time of day.

I’ve been separated from a charger once before with my dead phone(asking someone to borrow a sacred cell phone while they’re obviously doing nothing else atm((and let them hold my nice phone just to be safe)).  What an embarrassing moment for humanity… It took me an hour to find one person willing to help me out while obviously having the free time(as people were mainly strolling around the neighborhood taking leisurely walks).

I recently asked people to share a kickstarter post; the majority of people I’ve known for years either lied to me or were nearly offended like I was a bum asking for spare changet.  It madefinitely me not want to ask anyone for anything(no matter how trivial) again.

I usually take care of my own business but I like to include others in my ventures as a sign that I still remember their friendship from one time and still appreciate them.  Today probably marks the last time I think anyone has the same values I have or even a semblance of logic or common sense/courtesy…

Selfish people eventually will always undermine their own efforts…


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4 thoughts on “Beware of HELP

  1. Asking for help is something I’ve gotten better at as I’ve gotten older, but even still – I really like to try to figure out things myself. It must be the introvert in me. 🙂 I went to the Women’s March and thought I was all prepared: brought a thermos of tea, extra cash, a portable charger…and then I realized I forgot the right-sized cord to the charger, I left my wallet on the seat of my car (thankfully that was okay)…but I still had my thermos of tea. LOL. I had to really depend on the kindness of others that weekend. I promised those folks I’d try to pay it forward. 🙂

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  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been a victim of the number ONE list of humanity. SELFISHNESS oh and of course, it’s best friend, GREED. It is a horrible horrible feeling when the reality of what we live with dawns on us, especially in our time of need. I think that once you’re fully aware (without being bitter or angry), that most of the populace live in THEIR world and Fuck the rest, then you come to an acceptance. A Peace. A Serenity with it all. The World is a stuffed up mess, and so are most of the folk in it. Still, I believe there are good, kind people out there….VERY seldom do you find them though. x x

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