Time to Zen Out!




Meditation is not difficult at all. I recommend that you use a ‘guided meditation’ when meditating, and not merely ‘soft raindrops’ or the like…Why?

Because our minds are ever active, and thoughts rush through constantly. Meditation is there to quieten the mind,  giving you a sense of pure joy and Peace. If you listen to some ‘birds singing in a forest’, or to ‘softly falling rain’, your mind will have a field day with you, and you will not be able to sit for more than 10 minutes being quiet. Actually, you’ll go nuts, because your thoughts will surge through your brain like missiles, or, you’ll simply fall asleep!

Meditation is proven to be a powerful healer for the body, mind and Spirit.


As we become competent at meditation, it stabilises our mind, and innate qualities of wisdom and compassion start to reveal themselves to us. From here,  they permeate all aspects of our lives. We begin to understand how things are not as solid and unchanging as we’d first thought, and how our lives are interrelated with those of all other living things. Out of this realisation comes a sense of great joy and freedom. We find ourselves appreciating our lives more and more and living more intensely in the present moment. As we do so, our vision expands to encompass not only our own happiness but also that of all other beings.

I encourage everyone I know to meditate at least once a day. If you’re going to meditate at night just before sleep, then don’t lie down. Perhaps light some candles, you could also burn incense. – I personally love the smell of incense, but only if it’s one of top quality with no ‘additives’ which can be overpowering. Then sit propped up on your bed, feet crossed (if that’s comfy for you, or else straighten your legs) back straight, head upright, with hands in your lap and close your eyes.

Then listen to a guided meditation. When your thoughts come, let them go like clouds passing in the sky. Don’t hold onto them. Don’t panic about them either. They are just thoughts, they do not matter. The whole exercise here, is to calm your mind and give you a sense of well-being and joy. Not to work out how you’re going to pay your bills at the end of the month. This is one of the beauties of meditating. You get to leave all the ‘stuff’ that creates such anxiety for you on a daily basis, often leading you to seek help from your Doctor. Meditation is your time to just BE. You don’t have to ‘be’ anything.  You  simply ARE. You’re nothing special, you just ARE. You live, you are alive, and a gateway to your inner self is opened, revealing the most precious thing you’ll ever find. Keep your mind inside your Heart.

This meditation by Moojiji, is one of my favourites and a great one to start with. Enjoy! Love yourself enough to take 10 minutes dedicated to only you.

Try it, you’ll love it!

Namaste everyone x

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