Religion vs. Spirituality


We have many different and varying Religions in the World, most of which are loosely based on the Bible. The opposite of what Religion teaches, (although the Bible is also referred to in some cases), is Spirituality.

So let’s take a logical (if possible)  look at some of the differences between Religion and Spirituality. Not judging either.

Christians believe that if you ‘do not accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour’then you won’t go to Heaven and will spend eternity burning in Hell.

Spiritual people do not believe in Hell, rather, that God is within and Heaven is on Earth(basically)…..

When asking a Religious person  ‘where is Heaven?’ The answer is normally ‘up there’….OK, Where?Is it a ‘place’? a ‘Planet’? what? There is no explanation that makes sense as to ‘where Heaven is’. We could go on to ask ‘ok, where IS God’?….(but we won’t)..

Here’s the

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2 thoughts on “Religion vs. Spirituality

  1. I never took anything too literally; the book was written by man and his imperfections along with the shifting translations of what the actual meanings were over time. I don’t know how it could be anything else besides metaphors for the same core values as every other belief.


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