Look at ME – I’m Just an Empty Shell…

I’m originally from Vegas in case any of you care to know.  Being from there has a lot of perks; one of them is all the top-shelf, mostly snobby, lonely majority of women who you can witness walking the strip in groups of 3 or more… you know, the kind that dress up to go out to the club for the attention, try not to get too drunk because that’s when mistakes happen, and play “where’s the cash at” with their eyeballs.  Now just so you know, I’m not a misogynist(99.9% of the time) but the barbies that walk around the strip at night are special in my opinion.

I’m not sure what’s so appealing about all that fake shit: a bunch of genericly loud personalities, the clubs, the buildings, the lame-ass music(a lot of the time), or the hungry mass of dudes waiting for their chance at one(that’s probably it, huh?)… yeah, I think I just got what all the appeals about.

I guess I’m not used to so many people that are attention seeking enough that they showcase themselves in front of others for their own vanity? or what else do you call it??

Know that I hold no hostility toward you “folk” who love the strip and all its fakeness; you made this town… I seriously just don’t get the strong appeal of so many tourists wasting their money on the facade.  The casinos love you people…  such as the one-night-ballers who don’t care that the $25 bottle costs $125 ’cause you’re in the VIP; more power to em’…

Anyway, if this offends you maybe you’re one of them… do you like to watch people watching you? lol(it sounds so dumb to me… but who gives a shit?).  Now the money seeking part I partially understand; my opinion on what’s excessive though is a thing that nobody should need or have to hear.

Just know I think it’s too cool there’s a mass of your bodies attracting lambos and your soon-to-be ex’s(husbands, baby’s daddys, whatever); all while you get krunk on that top- shelf liquor for FREE when you assume your position in the  HORDE OF EMPTY SHELLS…


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10 thoughts on “Look at ME – I’m Just an Empty Shell…

  1. It is life and it happens in the schools too (my beef). Where are the parents in that play? Las Vegas is just a snippet of what exists in the world and none of it pretty. I do agree there is beauty in the ugly but our seeing it means nothing if they never realize their worth. Just my thoughts. I think I wrote a poem about it, not meaning to demean, which some may find, but rather a reality of what sells and how many won’t admit to their true thoughts. Oh well…just my ramble.

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  2. Great article. I’m going to Vegas for the second time this year but as a Brit I’m not into all that showing off (that’s not to say British people aren’t show offs as they are ha-ha) I’m more your moody, introverted, leave me the hell alone type! I’m going for the shows, the warm weather and the bright lights. My favourite bit will be going to see the Grand Canyon 😊 x

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