One Dream I’ll Always Remember

When I was 5 years old I first met my dad.  He was recently discharged from the Air Force; I had been living with my grandparents since I could remember.  That night, I had a dream that was more like a premonition of things to come.  

There I was, answering the doorbell as I had previously that day to meet my dad, when I realize there’s something off; he looked the same, but his pupils were pinpointed.  Just as I realized that something might be up, the impostor snatches me from my home to some destination while my real dad tries to catch up and save me from his evil twin(or whatever my 5 year old mind would call him).

The chase lasted until I was rescued and woke up but the point of recalling the dream is that years later my dad had a serious back injury which led to heavy doses of painkillers(which causes miosis in the eyes when under the influence).  To this day he’s prescribed a cocktail that most rockstars could envy and (just like any person who takes heavy medications for a long period of time) he eventually became addicted.

Most of us know the personality changes that occur in addicts over a long period of time; I got to witness the changes first-hand from my dream.  Of course I don’t consider my dad evil or anything like that(if anything I blame the way his surgery was done) but he definitely changed into an impostor of sorts from taking his prescriptions.

Now maybe we have some ingrained sense of a person’s disposition from their pupil size but the way things worked out still strike me as peculiar… a battle that my dad fights within himself while I’m basically left unable to help with the situation.


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