Quick Thought; No, Maybe an Extended Rant

The self-expression part of blogging is one thing that I really underestimated.  Who knew writing stuff down could be so rewarding?? ridiculous that I never gave it much credit in the past.  I actually wish I had starting doing this earlier; it probably would’ve helped me organize myself enough to avoid a few negative situations…

Now that I’m addicted to all the facets of blogging I’ve been getting into coding(nothing big), checking out analytics, and monkeying around with/learning new terms that are integral parts of what goes on behind the scenes of websites.  It’s draining at times but rewarding when I figure it all out.

Between this and applying for small business grants and assistance/more college stuff, I’ve been a busy guy.  I’ve been neglecting my actual cash flow though so forgive me while I probably take a short blogcation; hopefully our fellow authors pick up the slack in the meantime 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week fellow writers and those that seek of particular knowledge..?!



2 thoughts on “Quick Thought; No, Maybe an Extended Rant

  1. Blogging – I’ve tried to “leave it” once or twice over the years and have never been able to: I love the connections you make and the catharsis of spattering inchoate thoughts on the screen that might interest someone else…that’s rather priceless. 🙂

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