Adventures in Online Dating Part 4

I went on a REAL date!  *Trumpets sound and confetti falls from the ceiling*

Yes it’s true, I met a man who doesn’t want to have sex with his mother, cry about cats, or is casually racist! incredible, I know. We didn’t meet through a “dating” site, but on Facebook. He was a member of a group I run, he always commenting on my stuff and posting dank memes.

We started talking directly and decided to meet up to see a movie. He bought the tickets and I snuck in the Jameson (theater drinking tip: bring mini liquor bottles and put them in socks so they don’t clink together) . We saw Logan (which is bad-ass), we stayed and talked after the credits until the next movie started. It was all around an awesome night, we talked about all shades of nerd, and got responsibility drunkzz.
He took me home and walked me to the door. Best part was that he wasn’t creepy at all. We have a date on Saturday…that means I should probably shave my legs.
Until next time!

Date 4  8/10



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