That Time I Accidentally Got Drugged

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Okay I brought this up before and have been asked to explain it, so here it goes… I got accidentally drugged! How does something like this happen? Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to drug me. Since the person who did it felt terrible, I’m not going to disclose who it was. Let’s just it’s someone I trust with my life and I’ve known for years. That’s why it was
so easy.

So said person, I’ll call them Bubbles. So Bubbles gave me what they thought were prescription strength ibuprofen. They weren’t. Definitely not. So it was my day off and I had cramps so I had happened to asked my roommate
“Do these look like ibuprofen to you?”
She glanced over and said
“Yeah they do.”
So they did… and so I took 2 and 2 benadryl. 14 hours later I woke up in a fog. I could barely sit up in my bed. I figured it was because I had I mixed the 2. So I went back to sleep. 19 hours later I woke up again and headed back to work. I ended up having to work 2 doubles for the next 2 days. I was exhausted but I figured it was from working so much. I took 1 more pill for a headache. That’s when I started to feel really strange.

My arms kept going numb, my sinus were so dry that my nose kept bleeding, and my heart would randomly start pounding. Again I thought it was from working so much, or the seasons changing, or something else… I was thirsty all the time and nothing seemed to help; it was even hard to talk.

I almost took a another pill for a backache when I decided to double check them. They did look like ibuprofen, just a little smaller.  It turns out they were Seroquel. For those of you who don’t know what Seroquel is (which I did not) here is the definition I found:
Seroquel (quetiapine) is a psychotropic medication used to treat schizophrenia in adults and children who are at least 13 years old. Seroquel is also used in the treatment of major depression and bipolar disorder.
(Then I looked up)
Psychotropic medication: Any medication capable of affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior. Some medications such as lithium, which may be used to treat depression, are psychotropic. Also called a psychodynamic medication.
So in other words some serious fucking shit. I told Bubbles what had gone down, and they cried. So apparently Bubble’s roommate had taken the ibuprofen by accident thinking it was her Seroquel when she moved out. Bubbles grabbed it without thinking and gave it to me. It took the better part of a week to feel better.

So moral of the story is: Always check your drugs kids.



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