The Un-activated

There’s a group out there that has yet to be activated into mainstream society.  This force consists of all types of people, sitting at home wondering what their chance is for change in this world.  Some of us write, some of us talk, some of us just listen, some of us overhear or read about injustice; yet we physically do nothing.

This is a call to order, a call to join together with brothers and sisters and organize. Organize within your groups, look forward toward a unification of all groups when it arises, and create the values that society knows is just without the corruption of our so-called officials and current leaders.

Many of us do these things already, yet forget to join others when the time comes.  Or when the opportunity arises, we’re nowhere to be found.  This is because we are stuck in a system that prevents such things from happening.  People cannot miss their 9-5 to join a rally and hope to keep in good standing with their J-O-B-S.  What do we do then?  We cannnot afford to leave our children behind with a babysitter and possibly get locked up.

This call has to fall on the youth of the generations(the one’s with the biggest population) and those brave enough to forgo their responsibilities in the name of fighting injustices.  The youth need a reason to band together, they need leaders, they need the foresight and the facts together in order to stand up for what is right.

It’s our responsibility to encourage our youth to see what’s just and what’s needed to be done.  Please heed the never-ending call for order and set in place what needs to be done whenever you can.




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