The times they are a-changing….


Back in the 1950’s, 60’s,  life was simpler, more innocent than today.  People were generally happier with less. Women were delighted with a Vacuum cleaner for Christmas,  and they were grateful!  Women took great pride in cleaning their homes, ensured they ‘powdered their noses’ and changed their clothing just before Hubby got home, where he was greeted with a smile, clean house, perfectly polished wife, and an all round, healthy,  home cooked dinner with happy,  well behaved kids.  Children’s hair was neatly cut,  clothing perfectly tucked into their cupboards and all toys were packed away before bath and bedtime. Everything was orderly and innocent, and the feeling of HAPPYpulsated through people’s veins.

sexist vintage illustration housewife and vacuum cleaner Roll on the ’60’s!  Liberation! it’s all Rock n’ Roll, free sex, Peace, Anti-war, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! Vacuum Cleaner? What’s THAT?  Woodstock, Dylan, Cohen and who could forget the FAB Janis…

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