Symphony of expression

Welcome to StPsy today.  I will attempt to put something into words that is far greater than words can attempt to create.  It’s the symphony of expression.  It’s the ability to gift to another the embodiment of intention, substance, and purpose.  It’s what causes me to drone on sometimes, just so I can fill in a missing part.

My intention is a demonstration of how to completely get across the embodiment of an idea.  This idea is just something that some people describe as conversation, yet, conversation is limited as many aspects of ideas become lost in the translation.  I want you to not only get the purpose of what I’m trying to say, I want you to feel where I’m coming from, getting to the core of what I’m conveying.

The core is the substance… it’s the beginning, middle, and after of what my idea comes from.  Understanding the nature of why I’m stating something helps to set the stage for the rest of the aspects of the idea and their importance.  I want to state this because its simply effective communication.  A lot of the time there is no time for this sort of detail, yet how can one simply convey an idea without any foundation?  Doesn’t it go missing its’ importance.

The middle and after is just the facts themselves and the purpose of why I’m stating this.  I’ve given my facts as effective communication.  The purpose of this effective communication is to better understand what each other truly say.  I’m sure this all sounds like common sense, yet I believe many points become thinner because of missing foundations.

I don’t care how long it is that I have to drone on for, I want my imperfect language to gift to everyone the embodiment of the idea and its purpose, otherwise I may as well speak in riddles and half truths.  Why? because how can we use a foundation to build upon that has no foundation?  How can we build upon each others knowledge only half knowing the importance of what’s said?

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say on the matter; there’s no limit to how much better we can communicate with each other and I’d like to see it happen more so; I hope this explains why I had to say all of that just to get to this point…



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