Toss any questions you have my way… StPsy q&a session 1

I came across this idea from our affiliate EELBLOGS and thought: what a great idea(especially now with some of our consistent base of readers)..!

So, do you have any questions(or comments so far) for the StreetPsychiatrist?  Feel free to ask me anything you have in mind; I’m not shy.

I’m looking forward to getting to know some of you more and hopefully hearing some off the wall shit; no need for discretion here…




7 thoughts on “Toss any questions you have my way… StPsy q&a session 1

    1. I’m half and half sanguine/phlematic, and definitely melancholic. I’m an ambivert which explains the combination and people tell me all the time about my melancholic characteristics(wise, analytical, quiet). I tend to stay away from most labels though as I’m an amalgam of many things(as I believe most people are) and many times these labels fall short of painting an accurate picture of a person once you get to know them(imo). I tend to like the briggs-meyers traits(I’m an INTJ) but that still falls short of painting an accurate picture of myself toward somebody who doesn’t quite know me.
      How about you? what’s your belief in the theory??

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      1. Theres a test to check the type of temperament. Have u done it? Or your decision based only on self-observation? Sure we are “many types” in One 🙂 but I do believe there’s always 1 type which dominates. When u did ur first test? I did it in 13-14yo. I’m sanguine btw…I don’t know if I believe in all those theories lol but I’m def sanguine:))


  1. ok, I’m just mentally screwed! Off the Wall, bat shit crazy….No fancy words for it. It is what it is! Actually, with this comes a certain amount of Intelligence. Check out Einstein! For my next post….(I’ll speak in plain english, it’s easier to not be grammatically correct)….or PC for that matter 🙂 Sadly, I cannot claim any accolades on that score. 🙂


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