My Organised Chaos.

In my organised chaos,  I go into ‘pretend’ mode, (which is often very necessary), then my chaos is really quite organised. Well, to my mind it is…..

It’s just other people who cannot see the order in my chaos! I don’t understand it, seriously.

I mean, what is wrong with an unmade bed, (due to the fact that on that particular day you were depressed, thanks to a friend called ‘Bipolar Disorder’)? And then there are unwashed dishes in the sink, which are not a worry at all! Need a cup? WASH one!, the laundry basket is overflowing, and the spiders on your walls are ganging up on you, due to the fact that the little bastards haven’t been ‘dusted’. (In reality, you don’t want to kill the spiders though, as it’s a ‘zen’ thing you decided to adopt. Well, it sounded so….kind of ‘cool’ to not step on ants too – at the time).

So here I am, sitting in chaos that only I can relate to, and in fact, feel rather comfy in! If the dishes are in the sink, I don’t have to search for one. If the laundry is in the basket, I can pull something out, and just wear it again. (It wasn’t that dirty in the first place I don’t think?)…and the spiders should really be allowed to live! The world is in a mess as it is, and I’m not about to start ‘The War on Spiders!’ oh, make that ants too. 🙂

You see it all boils down to perception. What you perceive as ugly, dirty, untidy et al, I see as organised chaos, and beautiful.  I’m perfectly happy with my perception. I live in ‘pretend’ mode, in a gorgeous comforting dreamworld, which I realise is slightly distorted due to a mental illness, but as I happily throw another piece of paper at the bin, determined to hone my skills, and actually land the piece of paper IN the bin, once again, the piece of paper falls short of the bin and lands on the floor, which I need to leave there, so that I can check my next shot at this, against the piece that’s on the floor!

It ain’t gonna be picked up anytime soon.

We don’t live in an organised world at all.

So I think that people should just get real. accept themselves for WHO they are, and stopped trying to be better, nicer, more fashionable, richer, smarter, bigger ad nauseum than their neighbours.

After all, it’s a beautiful World. You just have to see it from a different perspective if you find it’s not so much fun for you! In fact, if your experience is not fun,

Dream it Fun!

Try it, you’ll love it. 🙂

Oh darn! I just got a phone call from someone who is coming to fix my backyard fence that blew over a week or two ago! (The neighbours called him) – ‘Cloud number 9…..’

Cheers till next time. Take good care of yourselves in whatever way feels good!


Deborah x


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      1. Thanks so much, but I’ve no idea how to do this! ooops….actually, I’ll give it a try. Let’s see where it falls. x


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