Lifting The Veil

The veil is what some coin as what separates us from seeing things from how they really are(in a sort-of mystical way we’re all still unsure of).  What we are sure of is that we can’t see all that’s going on in between all of these separations of bodies and objects.

If you don’t believe this then take into consideration that we’re only able to see 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Include the fact that we’re one minuscule member of a race of billions of people on a rock that’s still insignificant(on the scale of the galaxy, let alone the universe).  If you need, add in how most of what we see is empty space(reality being a projection of our minds as an atom is 99.9999999999996% empty space).

Now, how much do you trust what you can actually see and know for certain?  This all brings me to the topic at hand: the veil.

Some say that we’re all interconnected spirit, some kind of force, or other vague terms that represents our actual influence on everything else around us unitedly.  Some claim to be able to witness these interconnections through higher states of awareness.  Others even claim to have broken through the veil into a state of existence that’s hard to comprehend upon first experiencing it.

It’s commonly accepted that we can reach these higher states of awareness through meditation, training our bodies with care and breath; others might happen to use natural(or synthetic) psychedelics to assist in pushing us closer to the veil to see what it hides from our day-to-day lives.

I suggest that we are evolving as a species to be able to handle these higher states of awareness on our own and through assisted processes(maybe the latter causing the other to occur) in order to get us that much closer to understanding what the veil truly is…

(ADDITIONALLY: I believe it’s the mechanism that helps us ease into what truly brings something greater down to earth through laws of dimensions I couldn’t claim to comprehend or explain right).

I do know this much: so much possibility and interconnectedness that exists in this universe makes me proud to know how much power we each carry and what that power has the potential to unlock.  





6 thoughts on “Lifting The Veil

  1. Really great info! an eye opener! (no pun intended)….we really do not know the limits of what we are capable of, not as people, but as Beings…..that’s for another story. Loved this!

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