Hear har

I’ve lived with some characters; the types of people most try to stay away from.  It usually wasn’t by my immediate choice, but really who does get their pick from early on?  Me, I hoped(even to this day)…

I’m not going to list them as word gets around to these types; I’d rather not have to hear them talk anymore as negative becomes plain annoying after a while.  I may say, though, that they be ignant(to a shocking degree) of so many things; yet, they’re as professional as they come sometimes…

Why do we reward fake people for being wrong still?  Why is it that we idolize misguided personalities?  I’m not saying I know all that’s right; I can however tell when things don’t add up and there’s excuses for model citizens pedaling about like they earned their prize when really they skipped their own demise temporarily.

Hopefully you haven’t run into too many of these types of people.

I still reach out though.  Still keep reaching out…



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