When’s the last time you heard try your best and thought: what a pussy?  When’s the last time you saw someone own the floor with their skills, dropping jaws?  Which one is excellence?  Of course we know, but do you know that we live for excellence?  That’s the thing that puts the flavor back into life.  Dropping jaws is the minimum of what we want to achieve when we put our all into something.

Now how many things actually call for excellence?  Maybe some of us are experts in a few things and can amaze the masses.  Some of us are jacks of all trades, performing well at a lot of things(which can still amaze).  I say screw being an expert, and performing well isn’t kicking teeth in on the curb of mediocrity… Be a king of all trades, or at least strive to be.

How is life worth living when we choose mediocrity?  Yes, there is a place for appreciation and value in all walks of life; yet, there is a maximum called excellence which is recognized and reigns supreme whether you’re watching or trying to care less.  This is a call to find excellence in all endeavors; its the spice of life.

When you find yourself achieving excellence, there is no limit to you energy or imagination.  You’re running on the top fuel of the aether and it’s more abundant than there is matter.  Seek excellence wherever you travel and you may just come to find excellence in every walk of life.

It’s going to be a game to me, but finding excellence in every endeavor requires a sort of hunt for foundational motivation… it sounds challenging and rewarding to say the least.  Happy hunting


3 thoughts on “Excellence

  1. What are the rewards to play along searching for something that will never be found?? An Identity already inside, left untouched and gone unnoticed to be apart of something that dehumanizes all that you are or ever could be. No thank you, I’d rather walk alone with angel guardians looking out for my protection. Who are you without colors, names, titles, and such. If your answer is no one, then your life a lost cause. No hazing… This probably doesn’t make any sense if were willing to tell a lie. My brazen mouth makes me who I am, that’s excellence. An excellence certainly achieved without the need to be apart of a group of abusive lost souls searching for an outside identity. Who are You without it all?


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