Bouncing Ideas

Mark Twain once said,”all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources.”  I believe in this firmly and it is the reason why I created StPsy.  We have billions of sources or inspirations at our disposal; whether they are the direct cause or something in a chain of events that sparks a great idea makes each important.  I’m reminded of Dr. House and his team that he bounces his ideas off of; surely this is the source of many great ideas.

Lately, I’ve been having writers block so I decided to expose myself to new sources and here I am back writing again with many un-presented ideas that I had forgotten of or just came up with after my hiatus.  It’s great to have a formula that keeps on cranking out fresh material, even if its built on the backs of 1000 others(as all ideas have to be).

Next time the writers block hits, try bouncing around ideas off of the freshest present and I’m sure you’ll gain traction again.




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