Another day, another Conquest

What will you think at the end of your day today?  Will it serve as a victory of something you’ve dreamed of for a while?  Will you end today in defeat? wishing you had done more to make what you needed to have happen.  Today forth, I choose how each day will become a conquest.

There’s an endless list of victories to be accomplished when our minds are focused.  We can win better relationships, circumstances, a better life; each and every day.  If we choose to look at what we can accomplish, our days can be ended with satisfaction.

Today I look forward to finally accomplishing something I’ve been putting off for a while now; I will make this my goal every day until I do accomplish this.  From this day forward, I will focus on what I must do to make each day end in conquest, victory; an environment better than the day before.  Never again will I choose to regress, I choose to look forward.


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