Hiatus 2

It seems lately like I’ve had a lack of inspiration to write about things.  It was most likely a few changes that occurred at temporarily at home that threw me off; it’s funny how little things can change seemingly non-connected other areas in life.  Anyway, now that I’m back I just wanted to talk about the new directions that StPsy will be taking.

For now, we will still be showcasing affiliate posts and our featured authors, but it seems like the forum part of the community is lacking.  We don’t get the feedback enough to generate conversations on the part of the reader to the writers, so we won’t be focused on this as much as trying to create new content through what’s already being presented.

Another area is guest writers.  I was hoping to have guest writers being a main part of StPsy, but I guess the desire isn’t quite out there as much as I had originally hoped.  For now, I’ll assume our community is too small to gain many requests from other writers to feature on our hub; hopefully as we grow we will gain more insight from community contributors.

That’s it for now; I’ll be sharing what I come across and sharing what’s on my mind in the meantime…


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