Roll the dice

I’m a bit of a gambler, I like to know the odds and use those to my advantage.  At the same time, I have fears(as I’m sure many of you still do).  Mine happen to be bees(or anything flying with a stinger)… a little ridiculous but my body fights me when I’m around them(I had an incident where I was stung by a bumblebee when I was two, had an anaphylactic reaction that makes me never want to feel that again).  So, I got to thinking, what are the odds that a bee is going to get me? Maybe I’ll overcome my fear through this avenue…

So I think about it: the next time I’m around some flying with a stinger, of course I’m not going to flail around and draw attention to myself.  The odds are still higher that they’ll be attracted to me over others though(I guess it’s a scent thing) and wind up being around me long enough to make me uneasy.  Odds are, I’ll have to relocate myself(casually) away from them.  Odds also are I don’t need to fear them, just have a game plan and I guess no more fear…

My point is, this applies to all our fears or failures.  The odds of something bad happening are usually never high, and if they are high, all we need is a slight change in plans and we can avoid most of what we fear to happen.  Nothing in life is that serious to need to fear; it’s only a representation of something we haven’t identified and don’t have a plan for.  Now that’s the way I’ll be looking at things the next time I hear anything that might add some fear in myself or anyone else.




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