Responsibility: Handle your emotions

Here’s a big one for me: Holy Shit Please Handle Your Emotions.  Let me explain, that stupid reaction when somebody blows up over simple tasks, the cold shoulder over something that really made you insecure, the yelling over BS that’s giving me a headache; its all unacceptable.

I could give a few more examples just to be sure: when you can’t handle anything else because your life is too stressed as it is and you can’t seem to do anything about because you neglect self-care; its your problem, not mine.  Its plain irresponsibility when somebody chooses to react instead of think about a situation.  I wish I could avoid these types of people completely but they exist everywhere.

I say this is plain irresponsibility because now you’re adding your negativity onto others, it’s very simple to take a breath and some time to calm down instead of instantly resorting to instinct.  Its ok to get mad once in a while, but these people I speak of are habitual offenders.  They may have their adult lives responsibly set up but could definitely use a dose of little more “time to grow up”.

Avoid em’ like the plague, they’ll slowly eat away at ur spirit like a zombie at a crowded vacation buffet.



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