The Gift of Perspective


We live in a 4-d’ish’ world, with over 7.125 billion different perspectives on it(almost infinite if I were to try and understand them all in my lifetime) and growing.  Most of us started our journey when we popped out of the womb(although some claim they remember before this((I’ve got a great memory so I’m gonna say BS)).  From that point on we started building our own unique perspective that helps to make us who we are and also mold what is to come.

To deny someone’s perspective on something is just plain ignorant of the fact that we all have an important vantage point to every single situation and to discredit a person’s point doesn’t take into consideration the larger picture.

We built this site because everyone’s perspective is something that can be learned from.  It can be something that is built upon, it serves as the foundations for new thought, and can help spark paths thought never to have even existed prior.

Start using your voice, spread your invaluable information(your perspective).  You might be surprised how much the world really needs to hear what you have to say right now, at this moment in time.



Speak your mind...

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