Doors remind you of missed chances, the subsequent thoughts to make what is wrong, right. Doors. Life. Choose both.

via Door — borderline crossing


One thought on “Doors

  1. doors how many open
    gateways to hell and beyond
    beware open doors

    natures doors open
    the need to knock deferred
    abused by many

    church doors some still open
    a welcome sanctuary
    they to abused–tyranny

    my heart my door locked
    two codes split yours truelove
    mine fits yours no why

    truelove if yours match
    we will move on together
    the future ours

    i will say no more
    clues are rife you will know why
    join when you get it

    i am off now
    surfing cyber space love calls
    another clue know why

    Thanks for the inspiration, take care,



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