I’ll skip the usual questions and the malarky that leads up to some of my unique ideas on simple subjects.  Today is about Body.  Now I have to backtrack a little; some of use this as a simple mobile to carry around our minds… but I have to say: what a waste…  Our body is intricately locked with our minds, that which is around us, and even that which exists beyond in our memory and imagination.

Our body is one part of the infinite that is interconnected which is a tiny percentage of what is actually perceived through our limited views(most of the time); and, if we do happen catch a glimpse of what lies beyond the veil its still, yet a small part of something much larger and endlessly outrageous… enough to drive one mad if we could experience a large enough chunk all at once.

Why do i point out something so crazy and beyond our grasps normally?  It is because I believe we are evolving more so to comprehend this larger grasp of our realities(it’s the trend that I believe in which some call the singularity).

Do you remember when you were young being able to relax your eyes and see the ether or possibly control what some of the veil releases?  Have you experienced something that widens your eyes to something much larger than what day to day living requires?

I say there’s not enough info on this, we need to explore more as the calling for a Modern day Shaman seems to be all around the information that keeps growing and I come across with little effort.  We don’t need drugs; just reach back to what calls us naturally and consistently if your eyes and ears are open to it…



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