Bacon Vs Pumpkin Spice

We’ve all seen the memes. Pumpkin spice flavored anything is widely ridiculed. But the bacon craze a few years ago was perfectly acceptable. What was the major difference? The gender of the people who like each flavor. Pumpkin spice was regarded as a “girl” flavor and bacon was more “manly”. Either one in, my opinion, got out of hand and gross (bacon flavored mints, pumpkin spice peeps…really?)

It seems to me, at least, anything that predominately women like is turned into something negative. Another example that comes to mind is the dog filter on Snapchat… why does a filter make you a slut exactly? I’ll never be sure. Other things include high waist jeans, hair bows, colored lipstick….I could go on.

My point is what’s the harm in like things? So what a girl gets a pumpkin spice coffee in the fall, it’s festive! If it doesn’t affect you, shut up.



One thought on “Bacon Vs Pumpkin Spice

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