Advice from My Uber Driver


I take Uber quite often. I’ve met some incredible people. My driver today motivated me to travel the world.

“Life is too short to stay in one town,” he told me “the world is a beautiful place.”

This is something I’ve considered for a long time. I have no kids and nothing tying me down to my current city. My biggest concern was always the money.

“It’s surprisingly cheap” he reassured me that “I ran what is called a ‘monkey business’.

“Monkey business” was basically personal exporting. He would for example buy LED toys in China and sell them in Norway. Because Norway experiences long dark winters, the toys were a great seller.

As far as room and board, he slept whenever he could. A gas station attendant found him once asleep in his car during a winter storm. He told him he would not survive the night. My driver insisted he’d be fine. The attendant wouldn’t take no for answer, he made a call, and 15 minutes a tiny older Norwegian woman showed up and took him home with her. He stayed there for a week to wait out the storm. She would tell him “If you are hungry, eat. If you want to speak with your family, there is the phone. Stay as long as you need.”

He would ask her “Aren’t you afraid at all? I am a stranger.”

She would shrug and say she wasn’t worried.

He did warn me about people too.

“All you can do is be on your way. There will be good and bad people, but either way they have something to teach you.”

The whole conversation lit a fire in me. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll be writing from Prague, Spain, Italy, or even Morocco!  He made me realize the things I want are in my reach, and I’m not afraid anymore.



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