2am Dreamin’

I thought it was at least 4am when I awoke today.  It was probably something I ate but I had 30 dreams while I was lying on my back and I was sure it was time to be awake again.  So now my topic will be about dreams.  Ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by dreams, learning how to lucid dream early on and playing with sleep my whole life.

I always viewed dreams of having importance, just as many cultures have throughout the past.  Are they just a culmination of our thoughts? the effect of our brains organizing our daily experiences?  Are they connected to something higher? such as a message from our higher self?

I usually dream about the future, about subjects that I will be dealing with the upcoming day and reviewing the day in some kind of abstract manner.  I enjoy sleep quite a bit and have always used it as a way to prepare myself for the day ahead.  I find most of the answers I seek by just sleeping on a subject.  In that sense, maybe I do connect to my higher-self.

All I really know about dreams is that they are very vivid and hard to forget at times; it’s as if they carry a very important message for me to understand(either from my subconscious or something more powerful).  I take heed and am grateful for the time I get to sleep and especially when I dream so much that I think many more hours have passed than actually have.  I’m usually more well rested and prepared to take on anything when I wake up at 2am thinking its 5am(especially when I’m usually waking up at 9am hoping it was 6am…)


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