This isn’t a course, just another opinion.  What happened to the importance of ethics? There once seemed to be a respect for those who appreciated the importance of ethics. Now I see a movement toward ethics becoming laughable in the face of outcomes.  It’s not like this is anything new or unforeseen, but maybe we should find a way back toward respecting ethics above result.

Ethics could be viewed as a form of rules; we established them to keep order in any game or competition of any form(play to business).  Any breach of ethics is a form of cheating, yet where is this not rampant and blatantly laughed at?  We have committees formed in the name of ethics yet those that are supposed held liable by these committees exist to find ways around it in many cases.

I should be giving examples of what I’m talking about, but I refuse.  If one doesn’t see the ethical decline in America, you might be one of those that participate in the shortcuts that undermine what ethics stand for.  The results achieved through shortcuts are quicker, and they resolve problems in the short-term.  Results achieved through the guidelines of ethics are long-term results that will hold up as foundations and true precedent for the future similar action and relation.

These ethics I speak of run down from political all the way to personal.  It’s our personal ethics that are lacking when our leaders aren’t held responsible for its terms.  Ask yourself, what are your set of ethics?  Are these things applied to everyone?  Does everyone abide by these ethics or at least try to?

I believe we need to bring back ethics into our general school systems, families, relations, and take a good look at how we are ethically obligated to the precedents established for our long-term success not only as people but as a country.


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