Limitless Potential

Do you know your own true potential?  We live in an infinite universe; this means any section of infinity is also infinite within itself.  For some of us math people: ∞/x = ∞ no matter what x is(for the uninitiated, try it).  Logically, even though we’re a finite part of the universe we still contain an infinite amount of potential.

As human beings, we obviously haven’t reached our infinite potential as a collective yet(because we’re always on the cusp of creating and reaching for it).  With the universe constantly expanding, that means we too are expanding, and who knows what that holds toward our general being…

The next time you think of how insignificant you are or when you’re down on yourself, remember the power that we all carry.  If this doesn’t set you back on track and motivate you then just keep trekking on because one day I know you’ll surprise yourself as we all are realizing just how much we can do when our minds are calibrated with the infinite.



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