It’s mostly pee (and that’s okay)

This is a very touchy subject for most women. Female ejaculation or “squirting” as it’s more commonly known, has been the topic of much controversy for sometime. I’m here to give my opinion on the matter. First off it is NOT a myth…while we’re at it neither is the female orgasm, the G spot, and surprise women actually enjoy sex. Back to the topic at hand, the fetishized and often over exaggerated act of squirting. It does happen, and it is my belief that all women can do it.  I think a lot haven’t because most women have never even had an orgasm during sex.

Next comes the content of the actual fluid expelled(yes it’s mostly pee)((but that’s okay)). Urine is completely sterile. I bring this up because I feel it’s one of the main reasons women fight the feeling; it feel likes you have to pee. But from experience and my own tests, it’s a totally different feeling. And it’s fucking great.

As someone who can do it and does it all the time, at first I fought that feeling too. The concentration it took to fight that feeling was distracting enough to prevent me from ever reaching climax. After I finally let go (I had a very kind boyfriend and a white towel) I realized it was a natural thing and could be enjoyed by everyone involved.

So to you ladies out there pull an Elsa and LET IT GOOOOO! Your sexuality is yours, don’t hold back. You won’t regret it. And if your partner tries to shame you for bodily functions, maybe it’s time let them go too.


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