76 year old man seeking women

I started a Tinder to get back into the dating world. Given the fact I work 40 plus hours a week and I don’t go to bars, I thought this would be a great way to get back into the dating scene. Tinder is linked up to your Facebook, which is concerning to most people. After I realized it just used your basic information to make a profile (Tinder profusely guarantees nothing will show up on Facebook), I was coaxed into it.
So my first match was *Barbara, who was 69 years old and 4 miles away from me. “Rocky start Tinder” I thought, but I was opened minded so I continued on. After several women I could safely say were “grandmotherly”  I realized my mistake. In an attempt to discourage random dick pictures in my inbox, I changed my sex on Facebook from female to male (that only slowed down the pictures) and because I was born on Pearl Harbor day, I put I was born in 1941. Thus I was a 76 year old man seeking women.
In short online dating can be a scary thing, but Barb did make some great cookies!

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