Relax, It’s just the Internet…

I’ve heard a lot of grumbling lately about the internet and I’m here to say STOP IT!

The internet is one of the greatest resources the world have ever had. It definitely has it’s flaws like all things, but you can’t negate it’s value. I think the problem is change…

Older people see a young person glued to screen, face illuminated, as some sort of zombie. In reality that same young person is studying for a quiz, talking to their grandmother, editing photos, reading a book, learning a recipe; the list is infinite!  Even Socrates had a problem with the written word, which now seems ridiculous… just as the arguments against the internet will seem to future generations.

Not only is the internet incredible, but has changed our species(in my opinion). Much like the firing synapses in our minds, we can now electronically exchange information with individuals or masses of people instantly; therefore we become the consciousness of planet. In short, stop griping and learn something! There is wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.


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