What helps you stay motivated throughout your daily routines?  Some days, I’m unsure until I remember the big picture of what I’m trying to accomplish.  I skimmed over this in Tools, Forumlas/optimal Method which was might’ve been obvious to some.  This completes my former post by showing the inverse manner of what to remember when you’re fed up with your day.

I have lofty goals, some of which are easy to forget as i do this all the time.  With that said, I believe myself no different than most people who become frustrated with the day-to-day routines that we must endure most of the time.  It’s so easy to set one’s self on autopilot and focus on the tasks at hand and it becomes important to balance that out with the bigger picture.

When I do remember the bigger picture, I see this blog filled with contributors looking to assist each other in an unlimited amount of topics; I see myself happy consulting others which has always been an expertise of mine(something I used to engage in daily) that I rarely get to use at the moment; I see myself so busy that my day becomes filled with the things I love to do and come home exhausted enough to enjoy sleep immediately, only to be refreshed and motivated the next day.  I’m sure the latter is something that we all wish for, and I hope this is the case for many of us already.

For now, I’m at a tipping point to where things have synchronized so well that my path becomes clearer by the day, yet there’s always so much more to reach for and remember at the same time.  I once had to backtrack for a while and catch up on some areas that I had once overlooked; now I have the right foundation to create things without limitations. This may all sound like fantasy but what isn’t attainable when you have balance; this is why I posted Tools, Forumlas/optimal Method first and shortly after The laws of Balance.

-Always remember: one step at a time and your bigger picture at hand

Happy Thursday




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