Don’t Use Your Gender As An Insult

“I don’t have many girlfriends”
“I’m just more comfortable with the guys”
“Girls are just too much drama”

*Insert heavy audible sigh*

This makes my brain ache. Not only are you putting down the female gender as a whole but insulting yourself in the process. I’m sorry, but why doesn’t that compute? when did femininity become so terrifying that women are afraid of it too?

I’ve already witnessed the toxic hyper masculinity that tactically grips on bars of soap and Yankee Candles but in “man” scents (which are bacon, on tap, or construction site etc.) but this self-depreciation of women needs to stop. Doing things “like a girl” or being feminine is not a bad thing.

Little girls will never have a chance if they are taught what they are viscerally is an insult. And on the flip side, we need to let boys be children. Stop telling boys to “man up”. Let them cry if they get hurt. Let them express emotions. Let them be figure things out, be silly and weird… you know like kids are? Because what we are left with is women with internalized hatred and men who can’t show emotion.

Stop trying to dictate what people should be and let them be who they are…


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