That was a much needed vacation although it seems like I owe all of you a few posts now.  In creating this hub, I wanted to initially post every day but that doesn’t seem as practical considering the flow of the page right now.  Once we start getting a few more contributions then I would consider posting daily…

Anyway, I actually have a topic for today and that is about taking breaks.  I know many people that don’t get the reason to rest and I would like to highlight something that most people don’t understand about rest; it helps us gather our creativity and helps to focus it the next day.

Now, if you don’t believe me give it a shot.  Try reading something or writing something that is difficult and then rest of it; the next day you’ll be at least twice as good as you were the previous day.  I believe this is because the time to process what is important and learn/create new things cannot happen as quickly as we would like and driving our attention away from a subject for a while can quickly help put things back into perspective.

Have you ever had a word on the tip of your tongue but couldn’t think of it no matter how hard you tried?  Well change the subject and see if the word comes back to mind just a minute or two later.  Rest is our brains way of organizing the information that we constantly process, and sometimes that just takes time and rest for the area that is rewiring itself.

So with this in mind I’m glad I took my break because my perspective has grown and become more efficient for writing and I dodged the mistake of trying to force information out when it should be something that comes naturally and (I hope) is more original. Anyway, thanks for your support for StPsy; we’ll probably post every other day to every day from now on until our next phase picks up with more community contributors.




4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Taking a break is necessary for happiness in life. Great thought. Thanks for sharing . Thanks again for following, if you don’t mind then please follow my self hosted blog at tuneupsuccess.com as I have migrated my blog from WordPress.com to self hosted. So that I can be on touch with you and your blog too always. Keep blogging.

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