Friends and Family


This is a topic that hits home for me(pun originally not intended); family.  A lot of us have bitter-sweet experiences when it comes to thinking back on family.  Some of us have great experiences and love their family.  I personally have a rather dark view on the word, but my family consists of the community I’ve created around me in person.  On the net, I’m hoping to build this community through StPsy… we’ll see if it catches on.

The community that I call my family is a close group of friends that I’m still in contact with back home in Las Vegas.  Out here in California where I stay right now I’ve chosen my solitude in order to keep focused on my goals here of completing school and self-improvement.  My “framily” keeps in touch with me while I rarely get to communicate with my actual family.

My “framily”is positive, they admire me for my passions and talent; my family seems to doubt much of anything that I do.  I came here to Califoria mainly reach out to my family in hopes that we could repair relationships to a level that I could be happy with; it seems it will only work to a degree.  Things always seemed to be like this with my family; doubt, negativity, childish games, ignorance(the list goes on) but I still love my family… I just wish it was like the “framily” back home.

I’ll keep on working at both and I know that in the end my efforts always pay off.  Maybe my actual family is more like a lifetime work but everything can always use improvement; that’s how things will always be between myself and everything that surrounds me.