What’s Owed


Do you owe yourself something?  Maybe monotony has been the name of the game for a while and things seriously need a change…  Maybe it’s something small like remembering to reward yourself for your accomplishments.  Maybe you owe yourself some genuine appreciation that you’ve been seeking on the outside and you need to start appreciating yourself asap.

I tend to follow how my body feels and it’s always an indicator when somethings off… the ability to identify what it is exactly that is the problem isn’t always easy but is worth figuring out if you can take the time to do it.  I ignored my body for a long time with drinking and smoking cigarettes; it’s still a bit mad at me but we’re cooler now.  I actually can’t believe how long I ignored my body’s pleas because of some strange cycle that many of us take for granted as safe and helpful even.  I do believe in the benefits of relaxing one’s self, but I also believe it’s very easy to get caught up in a cycle that’s much more than what you originally signed up for.

Anyway, I suggest we all start to pay heed to what what we’re owed… otherwise I think it’ll constantly be distracting and nawing in the back of our minds.


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