Standards… everyone has them.  They’re an integral part of everything in order for things to run smoothly.  The standards I want to speak of are ones that we share; one’s that we can agree upon and should stay focused on.  With these standards, I believe the quality of many peoples lives would increase if we had good enough reason to believe in these standards and easily agreed to stay focused on these important and simple foundations.

Respect has to be the first standard that comes to mind; respect toward ones self most importantly.  A person that doesn’t respect themselves will not be respected nor will they care about the wants of other’s after being cast out.  Its definitely common sense to include respect in one of the main standards.  We should respect one another enough that they can live freely but not cross certain lines that would interrupt the freedom of others.  Truly, if we could live the life that we could individually respect then it would be the simple solution to many of life’s issues.

As we all know, life cannot be conquered by one solution alone. My second(just as important) standard we should hold highly is Love.  Can we love the universe and everything in it specifically?  Do we love our fellow neighbor or fellow mankind enough to teach them if they err in their ways? or do we love ourselves too much to take any time out of our day to deal with OPPS… do we not love ourselves enough to show compassion for others?   All of these are just some of the many questions that help answer why Love is so important as a foundation that can reach everybody.

I’ll keep it at three for now and introduce one last one: honesty.  Are we honest enough to answer these important questions truthfully?  Can we live an honest life, a life with little-to-no regrets?  I ask: why the hell would you ever live a lie??  In the short-term one’s just asking for internal misery as no human being can withstand that which they cannot stand very long(not to mention that in the long-term your house of cards will fall and you’ll find out all the time you’ve wasted; all of it for nothing in the end but learning something simple in the worst possible way)

Honesty would clear the waters so quickly for many of us that our lives would rapidly start improving(exponentially from all the other’s doing it around us).  There’s not a simpler or more stable foundation than living an honest life.  It’s hard for many people to be honest, but all we have to do is start somewhere and do a little at a time.  At least give it an honest effort… and I bet if we focused on it that, in time, a life wasted could be ultimately transformed and worth living once again.

(Til’ our next values talk((which won’t be for some time)) know that this isn’t about religious dogma.  My only aim is to make things simpler for people and easier to understand how and why certain things work.)

3 thoughts on “Standards

  1. My comment has to do with love, do we love each other enough to teach each other!! I do but sometimes I feel people only condemn each other and can we learn from that?

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