We know corruption exists all throughout the United States(or any government really), but to what degree does corruption affect the institutions and organizations that surround us daily?  I think we’d be better off trying to label the few things that aren’t corrupt at their core.  Does it seem like a highly pessimistic point of view?  I’m going to stick with accurate, and I hope you’ll stick around to see why.

Corruption is the dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.  Now I can’t speak for everyone but I think it’s pretty obvious that corruption is more of a human condition than just an act that’s perpetrated among the normal, up-standing citizens.  Bribery is basically how we do business; you pat my back and I’ll pat yours…

Those that are in power, are they all corrupt too?  I wouldn’t dare claim that, but I can say dishonesty and rule-breaking is among the very most common traits of those that run our institutions.  Again, I see this as more of a human condition; people make mistakes, cut corners, have lofty goals that are held back by certain rules, and there’s many rules around that could be updated or revised in order to accomplish modern efforts; more often than not, we go by the end justifying the means.  Truly take a look at all of us realistically; humanity itself is a form of a corruption no matter how hard we try to limit it…

So if corruption is so rampant, what can we do about it?  My simple answer is keeping established STANDARDS that we can all adhere to which fundamentally keeps us in check.  These standards could be common sense rules, all the way to specific circumstantial actions; all that matters is that they allow for unhindered growth and how they rely on the values we can all agree upon and understand about their importance.

-To be continued through my next post on Standards which will define some of the foundations for better business and quality of life.



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