A 2nd Wind

It’s been a long night of considerations, personal preparation, and meditation on the practical actions for this upcoming week.  It’s an important one for myself as there’s the growth of the blog piquing my interests along with some things I had to wait months to get the chance to start.  I’ve spent a lot of my time appearing idle while I’ve mainly been deep in thought about changing life in permanent, positive ways and keeping my mind in a perpetual state of relaxation to more fully experience the things which lie ahead.

I figured I would be asleep by this time in the morning but I keep on finding my 2nd wind when it comes to improving our blog.  There’s just something about writing down the things that are important enough to consider and order which puts that order into life and helps these words materialize(many times gaining a greater meaning).  This place has become the sanctuary for me that I still hope it to becomes for the many voices out there that need to be heard in this world.

I hope more of you take some time to share your stories, experiences, wisdom, or personal thoughts on something you deem important as a crucial part of StPsy.  I can keep on cranking out a personal type of material that grows on people(I’ve only just begun our foundations and there’s plenty more heights to reach) yet I’m sure there are unique avenues that we might only take with your assistance and the confidence enough to share your voices.  I know everyone has something important on their minds so check out our section to Become an author.

I’d like to see how many contributors we can get on throughout the day today; 3 would truly make my day.  To all of you: may this Sunday be fulfilling and consistent for the days ahead this coming week.


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