The laws of Balance


We always hear about the importance of keeping balance or harmony in our lives, from our states of mind to our bowels; so what might that StreetPsychiatrist have to say about balance? Well, I think that this observation relates down to the most fundamental levels of existence and toward the highest orders of alarming and peculiar synchronicity. The balance I speak about has roots throughout all existence and shows the necessity of embodying the most extremes of poles, only to cyclically re-center again to go toward the opposing direction and gradually re-center.

So what does all this grandiose speak boil down to? Just that if the universe is balanced in this way then we(being a tiny part of what the universe is) are no exception to rule and are subjected to its laws. This all brings me to the fact that the world can be a cruel place to some while at the same time being the norm to others.  Humanity as a whole balances its actions over a long enough periods of time. The question then surfaces, do we want to ride the extreme waves of discord, or would we rather stay in the peaceful waters near the point of balance?

Are there really more important abilities than being able to stay in harmony and balance while discord may be all around us? To what extent should we seek to find balance in our lives? I say seek balance in even the smallest of actions/experiences you can think of; for there are events so influential that anyones peace would be shaken toward a negative pole and we must hang on for dear life just to get one degree back toward the direction we wanted.  Just imagine how this might affect one imbalanced and closer to that negative pole…

The ability to overcome adversity in life is one of the greatest examples for our own need for balance.  If we know that its all just a part of a larger cycle then we know the universe must balance itself out(and we can too). When life throws you lemons, start a lemonade stand with the drive to overcome all adversity and regain harmony once again in life; and most importantly, know to enjoy and always strive toward balance… for it never lasts forever.


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