Tools, Forumlas/optimal Method


So last time I promised a morality lecture but I’ll save your eyes and describe the tools and formulas we use for the quickest overall and direct positive actions.

I’ve had this idea in my head for about 15 years using it naturally but I couldn’t describe it well until about 5 years ago.  Now I think I’ve got the easiest way to describe these tools that make most people’s lives easier(especially my own). It all comes down to tackling things we can accomplish immediately and prioritizing while keeping focus towards the stepping-stones to our larger goals.

This all seems like common sense but I can look at our political system(among many other things) in the United States and demonstrate otherwise… It’s as though American’s get caught up in the semantics too easily and let the easy solutions pass us by while shit keeps getting stacked higher and more complicated.

I could also demonstrate in this way; if I want a car badly for a new job offer far away that will improve my life substantially and I don’t have a lot of time then how would my time best be spent? In worry about how I can’t get a couple more weeks pay from my current job or hustling on the side to stack up that bit extra that I need? Maybe, I should try to find a beater and upgrade over time or set up a carpool… or maybe I could just waste time trying to prove to my employer that I’m unable to accept their position by trying to convince them for some time extension?

Do you see what I’m getting at? It’s so simple; focus on WHAT YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IMMEDIATELY and stack up those wins until you get to where you’re going or even open up better doors. We can only play the hands we’re dealt at times; don’t try to run before walking…

I lose a lot of people on the fact that this seems so obvious that it’s not worth mentioning but I took some time to find the numerous examples of how this un-complicates life on a huge scale. At the same time we’re opening up new avenues… it’s a form of exponential growth. Gaining a dollar on a high-end stock isn’t as good as gaining a dollar on a huge supply of cheap stock. Common sense that’s not so commonly used…

Take a breather and try to think about what we can accomplish right here, right now… stop wasting each other’s time with step 8 arguments when we’re barely overcoming step 2.  So good day; please tell me about some times you’ve used this method or how it un-complicataes something in your life right now… (some people still don’t believe how important this simple formula is to most dilemmas). Thinking outside the box… share that with our brother’s and sister’s please.


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