IMPATIENCE, root troublemaker?


It’s in my face everywhere I look and lies at the root of everything I tend to pay attention toward: IMPATIENCE. Now my goal here isn’t to sound like a morality lecture(that’s probably the next post…) but for real: how many of us can claim that we are patient people in today’s age? Not only are we limited and encouraged to rush but we have to have things around like meditation to remind us to appreciate what’s around us… sometimes to even remember to breathe. I’m sure this is  NOT a very natural trait of any living being on planet earth… that’s some bs that we deal with and we’re hopefully looking to overcome.

So what do we do? What’s the virtue in having patience anymore(who still does that even??)!? We’ve got to  figure out why to have patience again. Part of it seems to me to be about appreciation; how do we appreciate one another or have any respect for others when they aren’t given the time of day? Then, if I needed to explain further as to why to appreciate everything around us that might be toward morality and we don’t have to go there right now. It’s a pretty simple concept, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight… be patient and you’ll see the bigger picture… and whatnot.

So patience helps us see the bigger picture, helps us appreciate shit, and does a whole number of problem solving toward many issues that I don’t feel like going into because I get impatient too sometimes. Maybe some of you will help add to this part, or maybe I will fill this in another day. Spread the good word with that chosen family or community member you meet and were bound to stumble over a feat once deemed unimaginable.

Does it all sound kinda hokey? stay tuned and give me a chance to prove this all right; I’ve spent 10 years trying to condense it to an audience so I hope its working.


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