A New Year; A New Way We Refine/Redefine Communities

I know that right now is just about the best time to kick off my plan to create this unique community hub where all who happen to cross its path understand it’s an invitation to call this place your own while contributing toward the ideas which guide us on the path toward uniting multiple communities(even globally). The start of a new year represents fresh starts, new directions, and the possibility of something greater than our imaginations could even think possible… it also portrays our vision of true community that reflects the efforts through all our members.

Since StreetPsychiatry exists to serve our members, we will have areas to give our direct feedback on topics, a topic request/open discussion area, and for our featured authors.  All members(along with myself) will be able to receive and give the crucial feedback that we need to gauge some topic directions to go toward the flow with.  In the meantime, I’m constantly working to perfect our pages so please feel free to let me know if something doesn’t work well.

That’s mainly what I needed to cover for now so I encourage all to please shoot me a message(even if seems outside our scope) and maybe we can automate the phase of contributions.

I hope those of you reading see reason enough to believe in and remember to keep spreading(what I define as) the good word of our community.  We usually do this automatically through representing what we do in the form of spreading information and I hope some of you take the time to directly invite others to get involved(especially at the beginning stage).

Every small amount of effort will in some way benefit us in goals somewhere along the way by getting our word out there and representing how our community spreads unique information to a potentially enormous audience(one that definitely exists but hasn’t been effectively organized as of yet).  All this spreading of information also gives us a chance to open a new path that you’ll hopefully experience; a unique insight that you might one day share.

I’ll be putting in my most honest efforts into making sure this happens and all help is greatly appreciated.  Happy new year to all of you and happy birthday to all of us @StPsy.


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